e!Sankey lets you draw sophisticated Sankey diagrams for energy, material and cost flows in just a few steps.

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E!Sankey Pro

e!Sankey is a high-performance software solution for creating Sankey diagrams that clearly represent complex relationships and identify optimization potentials.

  • Countless sample diagrams
  • Nearly unlimited style possibilities
  • Exclusive to e!Sankey pro: 'Live Link to Microsoft Excel', allowing automatic import of flow data from Microsoft Excel documents

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Umberto NXT Universal

Umberto is a software to model, calculate, visualize and evaluate material, energy and cost flows. You can use it to optimize production processes.

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Umberto NXT CO2

With Umberto for Carbon Footprint you can calculate the carbon footprint of your company, process or product. It permits you to analyze in detail the results and helps you to find measures to reduce your carbon emissions.

Umberto NXT LCA

Umberto LCA es un software to evaluate the Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) and the Environmental Product Declaration (EPD).

Umberto NXT Efficiency

Umberto NXT Efficiency is a software for process optimization and resource efficiency.